Wild Side Tunic


I’m definitely a victim of the “closet of shades”. My wardrobe is mainly jeans, and a slew of options from white to grey to black. Sometimes i work up the gusto to wear vibrant colors (helllllo Fields of Gold Tunic!!!

I have lived in this top all season!!), but mainly i like to stick to tried and true “shades” selection. What i love about the Wild Side sweater is....everything. It’s super soft for starters. It feels like pajamas but you can wear it to work. I love love love that it’s grey, but check out that animal print detail!!

Oh hey, girl! You can wear your shades AND add some spice! It’s the perfect fit too! The wild side Tunic runs true to size with a loose silhouette. I have one, my mom has one...my sister has one....and we are all very different women with very different lives.

I love that i can wear this paired with my fab Dream Leggings while running around with the baby, but then toss my Lulu jeans on, a pair of booties and a necklace for an impromptu date night or girls night with minimal effort! This top definitely spans the ages and the lifestyles of everyone you could think of and will be your next seasonal go-to!

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