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Holiday season means travel season. Maybe you’re going home for the holidays, or maybe you’re celebrating in some exotic hot spot (where’s my ticket??)...but vacay means packing. And packing means chaos.

I try my best to “pack light” every time the opportunity presents itself, but somehow the only thing left standing in my house is the kitchen sink. As much as i do pack, i love to be organized.

My favorite trick to this is medium sized totes that can keep my essentials readily accessible. On my last trip to NOLA in October, i had to be prepped for business meetings and dinners as well as downtime with my hubby. I brought our super cute Canvas Totes along and they really came in handy! 

I have a soft spot for our Gangsta-ish canvas tote. In love expressing my personality through fashion choices and there you have it! What i packed in my tote for this trip:
I always have Evian water spray on the plane. It’s such a dry environment and my skin has no time for that! A spritz or two is enough to wake me up and keep me refreshed. I’m also a huge fan of Lipsense lip colors and gloss. I love that i only have to apply my color once a day and the glosses are life! So creamy and hydrating!
My fav shades are berry tones, especially in the fall and winter months!  My Ray Ban aviators keep my peeps safe in the bright sun with UV protection, and if my daughter isn’t with me, you’ll find something of hers tucked in there just so i can get through the trip.
So far I’ve taken a hair bow or one of her small toys with me and act totally surprised if someone else happens to see it (oh nooo! Look what i “accidentally” packed!)...oops! Hey...whatever works. We don’t judge here!
Our canvas totes are made of all natural canvas and can fit more than you’d expect. These are awesome gift options for anyone you know, especially your frequent flyers! 


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